Good News/Bad News

Good News: I seem to have figured out what is causing my stomach pains!

Bad News: It’s soy, which is a) my primary source of protein and b) in ev.ery.thing.

Good News: I have a new job caring for a young adult with special needs.

Bad News: He’s male, which I have some issues around, because trauma.

Good News: Only four days until the semester is done for me!

Bad News: Still need to write four papers, complete two presentations and not die from sleep deprivation.

Good News: I finally managed to say some very necessary words to a person in my life with the intent of ending the friendship.

Bad News: This was done in response to his calling ME to apologize for things I assumed he was totally oblivious to – and wanting to repair the friendship. So now I’m confused.

Good News: Since realizing how my lack of self-care was affecting my mood, I have been showering every day and feeling, on the whole, much better.

Bad News: No bad news there. Sincerely thankful for that.


On the whole, life is good. The only thing I really need right now is more time cuddling babies. Good thing I’m headed to my hometown this weekend. :)


5 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. Lots of conflicting feelz and stuff going on! I’m glad the semester will be done for you in a few days! Hopefully the baby-cuddling time will help!

  2. Soy! Well, glad you figured that out. I’d be screwed if that were the case for me — I’m vegetarian.

    Did you end up ending the friendship with that guy or is it all confused because of the apology? Ending friendships is hard. I’m usually not the one to do it but it’s been done to me a ton of times. Painful stuff!

  3. Hey, Jess. This quick note isn’t necessarily connected to this post, but I was wondering, at the top you have Letter of Hope 2012 and Letter of Hope 2013. Where’s 2014? And glad Missy could give you some more ideas. ;)

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