On the Verge

That’s me, according to my counselor: “on the verge of doing some serious growing up.”

At first when she said this, I brushed if off, saying, “Well it’s about freaking time!”

She says, “Here I am trying to say something nice and encouraging to you and you ruin it.” It was said playfully, though she was absolutely right – I had responded in a way that pushed her away and didn’t allow me to receive what she was saying.

So I’ve been thinking and praying a lot tonight, trying to receive not only that, but an unconditional, loving acceptance that she offered when we were discussing some mistakes and regrets I have from the past year. And she’s right – I’m on the threshold of something new, a maturity and grown-up-ness that I’ve never known before.

Tonight, I realized that there will actually be a time in the future when I won’t need weekly counseling any more. I never ever ever thought that possible.

Crazy, but good.


2 thoughts on “On the Verge

  1. I’m so glad you recognized that you were putting up a wall to keep from letting what she was saying really sink in. Awesome that you’ve been working on opening up your heart to let in what she said and the love and acceptance you mention. Really great stuff happening!

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