Kickin’ the Butt. Again.

I am having way too much fun with this whole vlog thing. Late night rambling. Quitting smoking.


9 thoughts on “Kickin’ the Butt. Again.

  1. I like your vlogs a whole lot. Also, this seems like a good plan, except I feel it must be illegal to burn legal tender, so there’s another whole reason why you don’t want to smoke any more. You don’t want to be forced to burn legal tender and then turn yourself in and go to jail.

    • Thanks, dear! It’s so nice to have your support (and everyone else’s!) while I try to pursue the full, abundant life I am promised in Christ.

  2. JUst….um…wow, woman. WOW.
    It’s like..I want that book, BUT…I kind of don’t want that book.

    That is one HECK of an ultimatum, one I doubt I would keep (the burning part). But you can DO it. I know.

    PS- Love the vlogs, if it makes you post more often, I’m all about it.

    • The great thing about the book is that you can always read it and then decide not to quit smoking, you know? He spends a lot of time talking about how you shouldn’t try (and subsequently fail) if you’re not really committed. I would definitely recommend it!

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