The Video!

Due to a request for the video in the comments of my latest blog entry, and after realizing that not everyone here is my friend on Facebook (where the video premiered) I present, for your viewing pleasure, 2012’s Greatest Hits!

I had so much fun doing this video and sincerely hope that my friends will let me join in the next one they film.  :)

Also, I have a favour to ask of you, dear blog readers.  I know a lot of you have blogs of your own and probably have far more readers than I do.  As you know, I’m writing a blog over at about recovering from an eating disorder.  AWildernessLoveStory has a lot of my personal story and random musings, while as Surviving ED has a lot more practical advice, ins and outs of recovery.

I’d love to gain a larger readership because the point of the blog is really to start conversations with people in recovery (and their loved ones) and begin breaking some stigma and misperceptions.  And while I adore my friends for commenting, these are conversations we have with some regularity and I’d love to get additional input.

So would you mind pimping the Surviving ED blog over on on your own blog?  I’d appreciate it greatly!!


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