A Glimpse into the Writer’s Life

I just finished writing and scheduling my first post for my fancy, almost professional-ish blog over at HealthyPlace.  Despite the fact that they, too, use a WordPress platform, I found myself completely at a loss for how to correctly insert an image with the proper margins.  I’m still not sure it’s right.  Whatever.

The bells for class changes are still going off at the middle school across the street, which I find odd, because it is Christmas Eve and no one is at school.  Darned teachers get two weeks off at Christmas — I was lucky to get today and tomorrow!  One day I will have such a job.

Or, maybe, I’ll just keep up this writing thing.  This morning has been lovely.  I woke up, goofed around online for a while, then came downstairs to focus.  I’m in slippers and a robe and I was “working.” I’m pretty sure this whole “writing” thing is where it’s at.  One of my goals this winter is to research other avenues for publication.  I would like to build a resume that showcases some of my writing skills, so in the event that I’m in need of a job, I can find one I might actually like, not just find myself pushing papers in some office.

My head and heart are full of big dreams and grand schemes today.  

And while I’d be lying to say that I’m not nervous about the holiday and my sister’s birthday and all the food, one thing is already clear:  this year is far better – recovery is far better – than it has been in years. 


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