Days Like Today…

I feel like a fraud.

I want to quit.

The urges are too high.

I can’t promise that I won’t give in.

I’m terrified.

I’m hungry.

I’m tired.

It just seems too hard.


4 thoughts on “Days Like Today…

  1. Those days are the worst. So sorry to hear you’re struggling right now, but remember the worst times always always pass. You’ve come so far and you can do this too! Anyone there who can give you real-time support? Hang in there, and tomorrow will be better.

  2. HUG!!!! Praying for you. The other commentors are correct. You can do this. One step, one breathe, one right choice at a time. Or heck, even the middle of the road idea. I understand the feeling of wanting to give up/give in, but you’ll be so proud of yourself on the other side if you don’t. And if you do/did at this point, brush it off, and try again. Today is a new day full of new mercies and graces.

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