I don’t want t…

I don’t want to go to treatment.  


I am still too f**king fat.


6 thoughts on “I don’t want t…

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I felt that way every time i have gone to treatment. I hope you fight through that feeling and still go. Treatment is worth it to get your life back.

  2. My thoughts exactly. The fact that I was all but force-fed a protein bar in therapy today should give me some sort of clue, but it’s not. No one can be too fat for treatment. It’s all about the mindset, Jess. I’ll try to remember it if you do.

  3. Feeling f*cking fat is so part of the disorder. THUS, why you need to go and get some help. You might not see it now; or have the perspective that will bring this; but we both know that regardless of what we seem to believe is treatable by way of fat vs. not; is SO disordered.

    You dear; deserve to get all the care in the world and beyond.

    Press forward. Go onward.

    Do so, knowing that many support YOU in this process.

    With light and love.

    :) [Smiles and hope.] (You are very courageous. At the least in another souls view.)

  4. By now you are probably in Utah, but I had to leave you a note. I’m so sorry, Jess. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make you feel better, make this all go away. I’m not that powerful. So instead, I’ll keep praying for you. Love ya girl. Please try to love yourself.

  5. Hello Jess’ ED! We appreciate your thoughts but we would really love to have our Jessica back. Can she come out and play?

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