False Alarm

Well, Atlanta didn’t work out.  I’m not sick enough for their inpatient program and they couldn’t get me into their PHP until the middle of next week.  Fine by me, really, except now I’m on total lockdown at my house (not even allowed in my room, except to sleep) and my parents are completely freaking out.  So we’re looking for another treatment center.

Any suggestions, dear friends?  I’m tired of looking.  They all seem like impossibilities. 


5 thoughts on “False Alarm

  1. I don’t have any inpatient recommendations, just wanted to say I’m rooting for you. I hope you find a viable option. Hang in there, you’re worth it.

  2. all I know about IP is some friends have had good results out here in AZ at Remuda Ranch. That’s quite a ways from ATL though…

    I am rooting for you all the time, I know you can do this <3 While you are home, if you want to skype, or chat, or anything, just send me an email, I'd love to talk :)

    Stay strong, I know you can do this! <3

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