Dear Random Facebook Friend…

Please stop posting eighty-five different variations of photos of you at your lowest weight.  Please don’t mention that you got there by using meth.  I realize that you lost almost everything to your addiction and I’m glad you’re in recovery now, but dammit if those photos of you and your drastic weight loss don’t make me (er, my ED) think that a drug addiction sounds like the best idea since diet pills and laxatives.




One thought on “Dear Random Facebook Friend…

  1. I know the feeling….my friend sent me a pic of herself right before she went to drug detox, and was freakishly skinny. I know it’s b/c she was nearly dead from drugs, but she struggles with ED too, and knows I do, so I’m surprised she would send me such a triggering picture. And I look back at it quite often to encouragement to keep going…. :(

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