Wrapping up the Week

I’m sure you all have been waiting with bated breath to know how my date went.  In short:  Ethiopian food rocks, dating is lame.  It certainly wasn’t a bad date, it just wasn’t a particularly good one.  We had dinner (YUM) and then walked around uptown for an hour or so talking.  We left the evening with a “Well, uh, keep in touch.”  This was actually fine by me, since I wasn’t all that “in” to him once we actually met.

My therapist was just proud of my for putting myself out there in the dating world (it’s been quite a while, you know?).  She also assures me that I will not hate dating once it’s a date with the right person and someone I actually want to spend time with.  I suppose she has a point there, seeing as I really enjoy going out with my guy friends and it’s not awkward or uncomfortable at all.  (Now, if only one of them was available.)

In other news, I FINALLY discharged from treatment this week!  It’s been a long (and strangely short) six months since I initially checked myself into residential in January.  This also means it has been almost six months of continuous weight gain, which is definitely starting to wear on me.  (And this doesn’t count the months of continuous weight gain last summer to get myself into recovery in the first place.)

I feel like I’m buying new clothes every other week and I finally decided about a week ago to just live in loose, flowing dresses from now until the day I die.  This is slightly problematic since I’ll be going to camp for 10 days starting Tuesday.  I’m going as a youth leader, bringing 30+ teenagers to serve at a camp for teens and young adults with disabilities.  I am, to be sure, trepidatious about this trip.  I’m not a normal leader for these kids, so I don’t know how I’ll fit in with them.  I’m not comfortable eating in front of people.  I’m not comfortable not having control of what I’m eating.

I AM, however, extremely comfortable serving others.  I am comfortable, in particular, serving students with disabilities and love the way that they show me the love of God far more than I could ever show them.

One of my friends described the mission trip this way:

And the purpose of the mission is so that children with special needs can minister to socially isolated adults to become more active members of the Body of Christ and become more filled with the Spirit?

And that, in a nutshell, is it.

Hopefully these 10 days will recharge me in a way that no therapy session could.  Ten days of worship and serving and loving and being loved by, I’m sure, students who have a far greater understanding of God than I ever could.


6 thoughts on “Wrapping up the Week

  1. Congratulations on being discharged! I hope the camp experience goes well, and I agree with you on the de-stressing powers of loose dresses and long skirts.

  2. I agree about the dresses/skirts as well. I would also heartily recommend “empire waist” and “leggings” (not to be confused with jeggings–those scare me on several levels.) I bet you are going to do a great job at the camp. The kids will love you! However, just to be on the safe side, I would definitely recommend that you have a supportive “texting buddy” or even a buddy on the trip who you can talk to if you are struggling. I would also recommend that you bring some hearty snacks in case there are meals that you aren’t comfortable eating or that don’t meet your nutritional needs (I’d highly recommend Clif bars.) This will ensure you bring the best “you” to the table, which these kids deserve!

    You’re going to do great, friend!

    • Yes, empire waist is becoming my friend, though I’m completely convinced it makes me look pregnant at times. And I will admit to owning (and wearing) a pair of jeggings.

      The unfortunate thing about camp is that I am not allowed to bring snacks or anything of the sort. I will be allowed access to my phone once a day in the evening to email my dietitian, but don’t know that I will be allowed to have it at other times to text for support. Since I’m an adult leader, I can have a cell phone, but at the same time, I don’t want to always be texting and make the youth I’m working with or the campers think I’m not all in. So it will definitely be a challenge week. I’ve heard there’s a great salad bar at the camp (hopefully with chickpeas or something I can do for protein), and I’ve pretty much resigned myself to eating some sort of meat during the week.

      I’ll call you when I get back! I want to hear all about Belize, too!

  3. Texting buddy? I like that idea. But I really have the feeling that you will be absorbed and consumed by what you are doing at camp that “the voice” will be such a little tiny itty bitty whisper.
    I REALLY do!
    It’s always refreshing to be around people who … you know…live and eat food like normalsauce and stuff.

  4. Congrats on being discharged! I know it must be overwhealming, but trust me that going to this mission trip is going to be wonderful. Being in the presence of god and such an amazing purpose, ED won’t stand a chance with your thoughts :)

    Enjoy it <3


  5. Girl, I’m so proud of you! Date wise and discharge wise. Gosh, that sounds gross in that order LOL. But seriously, I’m glad you’re out there exploring your options! WOOO HOOO!

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