Tangle of Words

Just a quick post this morning, a poem I wrote earlier.  It’s still technically in the draft phase, so I’d be willing to take criticism!  Hope you all are doing fabulously, dear readers.  I will write more later (you know, when I’m not at work).


For H

You watched me walk away,
even followed for a while
until self-preservation required
that you pull back.

You left me at the edge
of the desert you knew
so well,
hoping I could find my own way.

After a while,
you wondered where I had gone –
told me to hurry and get back
to where I had been.

I wandered hopelessly
for months,
knowing I couldn’t find my way
back to you.

You waited at the edge
never once stepping foot into the desert –
but by the time I had found myself
capable —

Of returning to where you had waited so long,
you had already left.
I called out to you,
seeing you in the distance.

But you insisted
that you had already waited too long,
that I must catch up
and come to you.

The grip of the desert
is still too strong,
dear friend.

As much as I desire
to seek you out —

I can’t.
Not yet.


10 thoughts on “Tangle of Words

  1. It’s intriguing.
    I am nosy.

    The desert seems like a dangerous place to be…you are capable of leaving it but still need your friend?
    You call out to her/him to come get you and you will walk out together but they insist you walk out alone. Yet you can’t. Yet.

    ha! I wonder if that has remotely ANYthing to do with the intented meaning.

  2. This one leaves me guessing. What is this desert you speak of (and is there dessert there? Sorry, bit of free association there.) Who is this person you speak of? Why won’t they be patient with you? Why aren’t you ready?

    In other words, it’s a good poem.

    • Isn’t that the funny thing about poetry? The answers to those questions seem so blatantly clear to me (and probably would to the person I wrote it to); it never occurred to me that it would raise so many questions! Thanks for the feedback. :)

      • Yes–poetry is usually vague yet specific at the same time–it’s like speaking in code, knowing that your words might resonate very clearly with someone else but not everyone else.

  3. I really like your poem … poems can be very mysterious…. to leave the reader guessing … like what are they talking about?… what is the meaning of the poem? …. sometimes only the writer understands the poem they have wrote!

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