Things I need to do before checking into treatment:

  • Write a [real] blog
  • Clean my car & make it road trip ready
  • Clean my room
  • Remove all ED clothes, books, pills, and assorted paraphernalia to their new home in the dumpster
  • Do laundry (mostly accomplished today, thanks to Winter Blizzard 2011!)
  • Pack
  • Get a hair cut
  • Shave?  (As if I’ll be wearing shorts!)
  • Fill out admission paperwork
  • Hound my doctor to send in my lab & EKG results
  • Compile a list of addresses for folks back home
  • Try to remember that saying things like “folks” and “y’all” and “bless her heart” makes me sound like a southerner.
  • Clear up all calendar/scheduling conflicts until mid-February
  • Figure out how to pay for treatment – $15,000 can’t be that hard to come up with, right?

Sorry I’ve been a rather delinquent blogger lately.  It’s been crazy, trying to figure out this whole treatment timeline, telling my parents, working my job, keeping up with current treatment, and trying to fight off the ever-present temptation to have “one last hurrah” before I enter treatment.

I’ll post more about treatment when I know for sure (vs. 90%, which is what I’ve got now) – the MASSIVE BLIZZARD that has overtaken the east coast means that my city will likely be shut down for the next day or two.  Which means my doctor’s office will be closed for the next day or two and cannot send my medical files to Renfrew.  Which means I still do not have an official admission date.

All because my city has only 19 snow plows and can’t deal with four inches of snow.

But a beautiful four inches it was.  Good night, friends. :)

Snow! In the South! Alert the Presses! (Done.)


4 thoughts on “To-Do

  1. Yes Pack Shorts! It’s really warm down here.
    Or…if that’s a body image thing at least pck some capris because we can go to the beach!

    No last hurrahs- girl.
    Youy need your strength you have a long drive.


    • I thought you spent summers in Hendersonville? That is about as small-town Southern as it gets. They ought not to be surprised at all. : )

      Okay, okay. Capris. Or long shorts. I get it. Florida isn’t frigid like the Carolinas. (Yay!)

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