I’m still working on part 3, I promise. In some ways, it’s been nice to have that writing to focus on, especially on dark days when any other post I could write would be horribly depressing. All that said, my computer has died another of its untimely deaths, meaning it has completely run through its nine lives and I really ought to just buy a new one. I cannot afford one, so there is no telling when Part 3 will actually be posted. (I am entirely too long-winded to post it by phone.)

At any rate, this lack of technology will give me some time to take care of urgent things that must be done.

Like calling insurance companies and treatment facilities. And praying.

Lots and lots of praying.

How are you spending your Christmas holiday, friends?  Please know that if you are reading this, I love you and appreciate you more than words can express.

Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “-Hiatus-

  1. Technology issues are so frustrating, Jess :(
    And I will pray that you find some light and some hope in what sounds like a dark time you’re struggling through. :(

    xoxo, love you.

  2. Some things happen for good reasons!

    Meanwhile, “Dear Santa, Please bring my friend a new laptop. Love, Missy”

    YAY! Archives! (That will keep us busy….lol. Snoop bloggy blogg.)

    • Missy, I added archives just for you. I am a fellow nosy blogger, so I completely understand the desire to catch the story from the beginning. ;-)

      OH! And whatever freakout my computer had last night, it seems to have healed itself (momentarily) today. I am on my computer now! Hooray!

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