Extending Grace

I was working on a wonderful blog post for today, I swear I was. It was going to be wonderful and I was going to share a story with you that is the sort of story that changed my life not so long ago.

Then I got busy at work.

Then I ate lunch.

Then I ran errands for work.

Then I met with a girl about being roommates.

Then I came home and ate dinner.

Then I wrapped Christmas gifts.

Then I drank chai tea with a friend and chatted for nearly four hours.

Now I am home, snuggled in pajamas in front of my space heater.

And while I could stay up for another half hour to finish the post I had planned, I think I am going to show myself a little grace. I am going to go to pray and praise God for a day that ended much better than it started. I am going to turn off the lights and curl up under the covers.

I am going to go to sleep without hunger pains for the first time in weeks.

Sleep well, friends. Grace and peace to you.


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