Five things you probably don’t know about me if you only know me from this blog:

1.  I am research nerd.  I love research.  LOVE.  My proudest moment in college was accepting the 2nd place Psi Chi regional award for research a friend and I did on alexithymia and self-injurious behaviours.

When I say "love" I mean "wanted to make out with my correlation matrix."


2.  I love to climb things.  You would think that falling out of a tree and nearly getting a concussion as a six-year-old would have stopped me, but unfortunately for my parents’ blood pressures, it did not.  I continue to climb trees, abandoned bridges, and large rock faces.

Admittedly, I should not be 30 ft off the ground without ropes. I am sort of stupid in that way.

What, doesn't everybody climb bridges on Spring Break?


3.  I love the outdoors.  Few places make me happier than the woods.  As a child, I spent hours upon hours exploring the acres of woods behind my house.  Sometimes, this was intentional.  Sometimes, I just got lost.

Now, as an adult, I love to spend days in the woods - far from running water, electricity, and social media. Bliss.


4.  Any time my friends and I get together, you can bet there will be jumping pictures involved.

This is, to date, the best birthday I've ever had. 6/14/2008


5.  I was probably the cutest child in the history of history.

I also started making strange faces at the camera very early on.


Sometimes, I forget that I’m more than just a cluster of symptoms that is best summed up as “eating disorder.”  The past few days, I’ve had opportunities to be reminded who I am outside of that.  I thought you might like to come along for the journey as I continue to rediscover who I am.

What are five things that I don’t know about you, friends?


7 thoughts on “Cinco

  1. I didn’t know you were a research nerd! I knew you were smart enough to be one, but not all who have the potential have the interest! Very cool.

    Five things…

    1–I dated/had an awkward “are we friends or more than friends” situation) with 2 guys with the same name as my husband before I started dating my husband. I told my mom my husband’s name when I met him for the first time, and she said “RUN AWAY!”

    2–I grew up with woods behind my house, too. I explored them until I was 15 and realized I was a little old to be exploring woods.

    3–I believe Heaven will have several rivers running through the neighborhood where my mansion will be. (My mansion overlooks Heaven’s version of the Mediterranean Sea, BTW.) One river is frappuccino. One river is hot coffee. One river is iced latte. There are cups next to each river with a sign that says, “taste and see that the Lord is good. Love, God.” I am not joking about ANY of this, except maybe the sign.

    4–Sometimes I feel like I am overflowing with happiness. Usually when I am teaching, cuddling with my dog or husband, or walking by the water on a sunny day. These realizations/moments are awesome.

    5–I am currently reading Richard Foster’s “Prayer: Finding The Heart’s True Home.”

    There we go! :)

    • When I was a kid, I thought that Heaven was a place where I could eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day. Seriously. I have apparently had an unnatural love for PB&J since age 6. Incidentally, I think a sign like the one you described is totally plausible. If nothing else, God has a sense of humour.

      I hope 15 is not too old to explore the woods, because I’m 25 and still doing it. :)

      How are you enjoying Richard Foster??

      Yes. Research nerd. I miss it terribly. My heart goes pitter-patter at the idea of going back to school and getting a degree in experimental psych or something similar. Sadly, it is just not meant to be.

      Thanks for sharing!! :)

      • Eh, I usually like Foster, but this book is making me feel guilty about my prayer life…just after I had finally realized “God doesn’t have a ‘scale’ for good or bad prayers, and the fact that I’m trying is enough.” I think I might stop reading it and come back to it when I’ve gotten better at praying simple, everyday prayers without self-flagellation.


    I love that you are re-finding yourself and enjoying YOUR SELF.
    And I loved learning more about you.
    Side Notes:

    I kind of had you pegged for a dork. (0:
    We can sniff eachother out.

    Are those sheeps or clouds on your PJs?

    My birthday is June 16th! Yay gemini/cancer cusp.
    That means when combined there are 8 of us.

    You were a very cute child…

    Now go climb a mountain.
    The mountain of recovery.


    • Yeah, total dork.

      I was staring really hard at the picture trying to figure out if they were sheep or clouds (or both?). And then I remembered that I am actually wearing the exact same pair of pajama pants right now and looking at the pants would be far more effective than staring at a picture. They’re sheep, by the way.

      Where are your facts, friend? :)

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