Forgotten Things

Tonight, I found a pair of shoes under my bed.  Not just any shoes — awesome shoes.


Admit it – you want some.


My red converse low tops.

There is a story behind these shoes – how I desperately wanted them, but couldn’t afford them.

How my previous pair of converse was, quite literally, falling apart at the seams.

How, one day, I walked into Target and went to visit them just like I did every time I went to Target.


But this day, they were on clearance.

This day, I bought them.

I loved them.

I wore them everywhere for months.


So when I found them tonight, I was surprised that I could have ever forgotten them.

Then I remembered that for quite sometime, I forgot there even existed shoes beyond running shoes.

Forgot that there was anything that even existed beyond the next workout, the next micro-meal, the next weigh-in.


I packed my sweet little red shoes in my overnight bag for the weekend.

They’re making a comeback tomorrow, a tangible reminder of things forgotten and found again.


I wonder what other forgotten things I’ll discover on this road to recovery.



3 thoughts on “Forgotten Things

  1. I love your tangible reminder! That’s a great way to look at it!

    Also, I love that before I even read where they were from, I saw that picture and thought, “Target.” There’s a pair with blue sequins on them that I have my eye on….but unfortunately, they are not yet on sale!

    Glad to see a new post :)

  2. Those are your ruby red slippers!!

    Oh my goodness. I love this post. I get it. I know what you mean….though it would be hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t “get it”

    It’s like you are finding “you” again. Recovering. UN-covering. Rediscovering.

    I also, by the way am coveting a very particular pair of converse right now so extra shouts for the fashion sense.

    SO…lady…what else is there lurking out there that you “lost” along the way?

    I found two in the past while…glitter nail polish and sandwiches. (Not together mind you)


    • Sandwiches seem to be all the rage amongst my friends in recovery these days! I am behind the times! Which is to say, I am still afraid of bread 95% of the time. Meh.

      BUT – maybe I’ll give sandwiches a shot this week.

      Not sure what else I’ve lost, but I can’t wait to find it again. :)

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