Choosing Love: Facing the Mirror

Today’s “Choosing Love” assignment had two options, depending on where you find yourself in the recovery process:

Option A: Take 5 or 10 minutes in front of a mirror and get acquainted with what you see.  Ask yourself what other people might find beautiful about you.  Reframe negative self-talk when it occurs.

Option B: Post a few sticky notes on your mirrors complimenting your physical beauty, not just your fabulous non-physical traits.

Or, if you are like me and started your period this morning and feel more bloated than a body that’s been floating in a river for two weeks and want to vomit every half an hour, you can choose Option C:

–Glance at the mirror every once in a while and try to find something you like about your physical appearance.  Like, “Hey, shoulders, you’re kind of cute – and sort of delicate.  I appreciate that you don’t make me look like a linebacker, because I definitely feel like I’m pushing 400 pounds today.”

Spend some time considering that every time you attempted to compliment yourself, you complimented your body part and did not say something like, “Gee, I have really nice shoulders.”  Force yourself to look in the mirror and acknowledge your body’s connection to your mind by saying, “I have nice shoulders.  I have pretty eyes.”

Stand in front of the mirror and sing “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story while imitating all of Maria’s choreography.

–Laugh hysterically.

–Take a few pictures to prove to the blog world that you are, in fact, crazy enough to have actually done this.


Is this slightly less crazed than the almond picture, Sarah? ;-)


Realize that some of the faces you make during your totally narcissistic photo session remind you of someone you love and who loved you.


I swear my Granny gave me this look all the time when I was being ridiculous.


–Count “Choosing Love, Day 4” as a success.


Side note:

Dear Reproductive System,

Welcome back!  I hope to never make use of you, but thanks for showing up to the party.  And thanks for deeming this weight a healthy enough weight because if I had to gain one more ounce I was probably going to give up this recovery thing altogether.




What about you, friends?  How did your mirror experiment go?


2 thoughts on “Choosing Love: Facing the Mirror

  1. Okay, I literally LOL-ed at your letter to your reproductive system.

    Good for you for doing something scary! I still have yet to face this challenge…hey, the day isn’t over yet!

    I’m so glad day 3 was a success for you!! :)

  2. Less crazed. Very pretty :) I like your adaptation of this exercise. Your linebacker comment reminded me one one of my students’ positive-to-negatives (sic):

    NEGATIVE: I’m too tall for my age.
    POSITIVE: At least I’m not a midgget! That would be wierd.

    LOVE the P.S. I was also less than enthused about getting mine back–I don’t want to have biological kids, so why the rush? I was enjoying life without periods…however, like you know (I’m sure!) it’s a very important indicator of health and shows that your body is trying to fix your bones as much as it can. YAY!

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