Choosing Love: Feel-Good Music

I’ll be honest, this one is sort of a bust for me. Sarah challenged us to make a mixed CD of music that sends us the following messages:  I am beautiful, I am loved, I matter.  And then we are supposed to play it at least once throughout the rest of our week.  Awesome!  I love music!  But…

My hard drive crashed a few months ago, taking with it all my precious music.

My iPod followed suit.

My new hard drive is not equipped with a sound card.

All this to say, I have no way to listen to music or burn it to a CD or anything of the sort.  (So if you’re out in the blogosphere and want to send me a copy of YOUR CD, feel free.  My car CD player would greatly appreciate some feel-good music on my 45 minute commute to work each morning.  End shameless plug for mail.)

However, I will pass along these youtube videos of songs that I adore and that make me feel loved, beautiful, or worthy.  Or, in the case of the last one, just fun.

Ingrid Michaelson “The Way I Am

David Crowder Band “Oh, How He Loves

Switchfoot “Twenty Four
(This was my favourite song on a mixed CD a dear friend made me for my birthday one year.  It is a beautiful song and always reminds me of how loved I felt when she gave me the CD.)

Switchfoot “This is Home

Regina Spektor “The Call
(Yes, I have a thing for The Chronicles of Narnia.  Sue me.)

Mika “Big Girl (You are Beautiful)
(It seriously makes me want to dance.)

What about you, friends?  What songs do you love?


4 thoughts on “Choosing Love: Feel-Good Music

  1. Um, all over this. Can you email me your address? I will send you a copy of “Sarah’s Beautiful mix.” It’s pretty radcore.

  2. love this list!!! I just heard “How He Loves Us” this week and it’s AWESOME! And “The Way I Am” was totally on mine…Switchfoot rocks, and so does Regina Spektor…and I only know one Mika song (“Grace Kelly”) but I’ll listen to the one you suggested!

    Also, I second what Sarah said–I will totally send you the mix I made! I think my email will show up somewhere in the dashboard of your blog; send me your address and I’ll mail it.

    ps. and this is for Sarah: I might need to add “radcore” to my vocabulary.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I am so excited for some new music!

    Hope – check out Mika’s “Blame it on the Girls” as well. Mika is some of the best dance music I’ve come across lately. Perfect for spontaneous dancing fits in the privacy of my bedroom. :)

  4. ahh…where to begin?
    For you, though, I am really recommendiong this one:

    and this one…

    (I know, Britt Nicole. Don’t Judge).

    but serious sauce…the Brooke Fraser (the first one) is like..really uplifting.


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