Recovery Poetry, Take One

My first attempt at putting myself out there in poetic form.  Still needs some tender-loving-editing, to be sure.  Helpful criticism is always appreciated.


Dear ED,

My poetry assignment this week
is based around the theme of numbers

And I laughed a little –
at the humour of such an assignment
for a recovering anorexic
with a touch of OCD –
and how numbers have run my life
for the past year

And I thought I would
write you a letter
a poem
about the numbers

And I realized how silly that must seem
when you know the numbers
better than even I do

Pick a date —
any date —
in the last twelve years
and you could tell me

My weight
My height
My dress size
Calories in
Calories out

And whether I was actively courting
you or one of my many other
to pills
or sex
or alcohol

So I thought about writing you a letter
a poem about the numbers

but that seemed silly
and to be honest, ED

I’m tired of thinking of your numbers
when there is need of only



4 thoughts on “Recovery Poetry, Take One

  1. Um, BAD at poetry?! BAD?!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? This is really good, no joke. If it wasn’t, I’d leave a comment that said “I love how you honestly expressed your emotion” or “this must have felt good to express.” But this is REALLY good. There’s structure, a voice, rhythm, exposition, AND honest emotion. Color me impressed.

    • This comment made me laugh – mainly because you took the time to tell me exactly what your response would be if it hadn’t been good poetry. Thank you for the compliment – it means a lot coming from a talented writer such as yourself!

      • I’m always honest…sometimes this is a bad thing :) Thank you for the compliment. Mutual love!

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